Star Shop Convention

At DYL Motorcycles Ltd, highest level of priority is given to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and BUILDING TRUST. For this very purpose, we have a vast network of Sales and Service teams putting in efforts day and night.
One such step taken by DYL was organizing a STAR SHOP COMPETITION. The competition emphasized on aligning the quality of workshops according to DYL’s guidelines and providing our valued customers quick and high quality services.
Dealers from all over Pakistan participated in the competition with high spirit and sheer dedication. They studied every aspect very carefully and responded accordingly which made this competition a huge success.
The results of this competition were announced in a convention held in a luxury hotel of Lahore on 31st March 2010. The dealers from all over Pakistan gathered in Lahore a day before the convention. They spent a whole day in sight-seeing of Chaanga Maanga and enjoyed thoroughly.
Next day, the convention was held in which the TOP ACHIEVERS claimed exciting prizes such as Foreign Trip, Latest Computers, Refrigerators, 29” Color TV etc.
The chief guests of the convention were Mr. Yunus Dawood (CEO DYL Motorcycles Ltd), Mr Jawaid Yaqoob (G.M Sales & Marketing), Mr Adam Dawood, Mr Abid Mansoor Pasha & Mr. Muhammad Ali Kamran. They congratulated the winners and spoke very highly of the performance of the dealers and appreciated their support.
An important role in the entire setup & organization of this convention was played by Mr. Azeem Ahmed, Mr. Tahir Mehmood Farooqui, Mr. Muhammad Irshad Iqbal Rao, Mr. Qamar Ahmed and others from the service team.
Alhamdulillah, currently DYL has established a superior quality network all over Pakistan. Even at remote stations, our dealers are successful in establishing high quality workshops. Expert technicians who are highly trained by DYL are not only serving our valued customers & providing CUSTOMER SATISFACTION but also hold significant position in their respective areas.

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