Launch of Dhoom

Launched on the 15th of December 2008, the YD-70 Dhoom has truly achieved remarkable proportions.It is the only brand of motorcycle in Pakistan to have sold in its first 12 months over 70,000 units. Such large sales figures are even more astonishing considering that the 70cc market is very competitive, with over 60 manufacturers all competing for market share. Making the fact that Dhoom has gained over 10% of the market share even more astounding.

Success like this is not by accident, it is a combination of tenacity, persistence and an intimate knowledge of the needs and wants of customers, which can only come after years of striving for excellence in customer satisfaction, by every division and department of an organisation.

The success of Dhoom is not an easy one to describe, as it due to a myriad of complex events and circumstances. The launch of Dhoom was on the 15th of December 2009; however the first step on deciding what new model to launch was a key issue. DYL’s management saw a gap in the market which needed to be filled, although the 70cc market was saturated by a large number of assemblers, it lacked a product which was of high quality, durability, and longevity at a price the majority of the consumers were willing to pay for. Noticing such a gap, Management instructed DYL’s Development and Engineering team to begin crafting the product in Nov ‘07. Getting the product ready for launch was an exhaustive process, ensuring quality and safety above all else, while still maintaining a low a price as possible, is a hard remit for any division, but one that DYL’s Development and Engineering division passed with flying colours. That was the first step in the Dhoom’s success, the second came at the time of the launch.

Following the launch, DYL’s Marketing division released its new TV advertisement which was to prove a hit across Pakistan. The advert was an astounding and unconventional release for Pakistan. The Dhoom TV commercial was a photo-realistic accumulation of all motorcycle parts coming together in unison to create the perfect bike. An act of incredible boldness and courage to move the marketing spectrum away from its comfort zone and create something new.

The product and the marketing campaign were a an immediate success with the public, which meant our sales teams across the regions had to be prepared to deal with the influx of demand, alongside our service team who were instructed to monitor and report every single problem with our bike for quality control across Pakistan.

The hardest of challenges now faced was that of production, with demand growing at such an astonishing pace, the customers’ needs had to be met. So with the knowledge that no capacity increase was possible in such a short time period, the Production division was facing a mountainous task. However, by improving process flows and bottlenecking, production has done marvels. The production of Dhoom has increased from 3266 units in January to a record production of 8445 units in October. The average production for the first 6 months of 2009 was 5031 units, while the average production for the last 6 months of 2009 was 6995 units.

With such a rise in production came the Quality departments time to be tested, with such large production numbers they had to keep pace and increase their ……

Dhoom! A success story it is, but only because of the drive and resolve of a company which preaches and practices customer satisfaction at all levels.

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