DYL Sports – The Launch

LAHORE: DYL Motorcycles has just launched its new 125cc engine motorcycle, named DYL-YD 125 Sports, in Lahore. In a ceremony attended by their sales, service and spare part dealers, Yunus Dawood (CEO) of DYL Motorcycles heralded this as a milestone in the companies history.

Yunus Dawood stated that “DYL YD-125 Sports adds the one missing component to our product lineup. With this motorcycle we can compete for the hearts and minds of all our customers in Pakistan. Being one of the oldest manufacturers of motorcycles in Pakistan this was a long awaited step and one we take with a laser-eyed focus on quality and performance”

Jawaid Yakoob, GM Sales and Marketing added “since the launch of Dhoom our dealers and customers always kept asking us when we would release our own 125cc motorcycle, and so when we started planning, we wanted to make sure we did it properly.” The current trend for motorcycles is now heading towards a more stylish and sleek look, and the YD-125 Sports, fits the bill perfectly. it’s  Sports down force design puts you ahead of the pack and makes you true winner. Its sporty exterior low profile make it a bike that shouts individuality, “It’s a shape never before seen in Pakistan, and will instantaneously make you stand out amongst your peers” added Jawaid Yakoob.

DYL Motorcycles (formerly Dawood Yamaha Limited) was formed as a new corporate identity to signal its future into the mass market with the launch of its 70cc Dhoom motorcycle. It was established in 1976 with its assembly plant in Uthal, and manufacturing facilities in Hub Chowki.
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