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DYL Motorcycles

In 1976, under the umbrella of the Dawood Group of Companies, Dawood Yamaha Limited was formed in a joint venture with Yamaha Motor Company (YMC), Japan. Since its launch we have built extensive world-class facilities for manufacturing and marketing motorcycles in Pakistan and our reputation as a manufacturer of quality motorcycles has remained unquestioned.
In 2008, we underwent an image transformation and changed our name to DYL Motorcycles. With this name change we also introduced a new product the YD-70 Dhoom. The Dhoom is the economical cousin of the YB-100 Royale which has been produced in Pakistan for the last thirty years, and most recently the YD-100 Junoon, which was designed and engineered by in Pakistan. After the launch of Junoon, our engineering team set to work on the YD-70, which was being built to expand our product lineup.
Our manufacturing plants are located in Hub Chowki, where its sister company Balochistan Engineering Works (BEWL) produces the frame, fuel tank, rear arm, fenders, gears, hubs, leavers, crank and cover cases, for our motorcycle range. The assembly plant for our motorcycles is based in Uthal, where the plant manufactures motorcycles in accordance with very high quality standards laid down by Yamaha Motor Company, Japan.