Service Dealers

The service division is the back bone of any automobile industry. DYL’s service network provides our customers with the assurance of a reliable and dependable trained mechanic all across Pakistan from the minute you purchase our bike.

DYL’s Service Network is divided into two categories:

  • Star Shops – are dealers who are authorised in dealing with warranty claims and free service.
  • A.S.S. dealers are authorised in providing a free service check-up.

Pillars of Service
At DYL, our service division stands on the principles of four major pillars with the solitary goal of achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our four pillars are as follows:

  • Network
  • Education
  • Promotion
  • Information

Our Network
DYL’s service network is one of the most comprehensive in the nation,  with 62 Star Shops and over 600 authorised service dealers, there is nowhere in Pakistan you cannot go with your DYL motorcycle, without the knowledge, that were anything to happen, a professionally trained mechanic would be close by to help you on your journey again.

Education (DYL Academy)
All our mechanics are fully trained to repair and maintain all DYL products. At DYL we take mechanic training and very seriously, that is why we have four dedicated and fully equipped DYL Academies. At our DYL Academy, which are located in Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi, we provide training for our mechanics, staff, and customers.

All the mechanics at our Star Shops and A.S.S. dealers are trained at our DYL Academies. To qualify as a DYL mechanic they have to attend and pass our training courses which are divided into four levels, Basic Course, Bronze-1 Course, Bronze-2 Course and Product Training Course. The basic course provides an introduction to how a motorcycle works and basic motorcycle repair with the level of detail and precision increased at every level of study until each DYL mechanic becomes a master of his art with the completion of the Product Training Course.

Our mechanics are also invited to attend regional and national competitions, from which we select the best DYL mechanics to compete on an international level.

Promotion (International Competition)
At DYL we hold regular promotion events for our mechanics and service dealers. These include Free Service Campaigns for our customers.

We also hold regular events for our mechanics, which range from plant visits and picnics. To our best mechanics we also provide special tool-kits, promotional tools and uniforms all to build confidence in our mechanics.

Free Service Coupon (FSC)
The service division responsibilities include ensuring that each bike is running in peak condition. That is to ensure that each new bike remains in optimal condition; with every purchase we offer our customers two free service coupons (FSC). The FSC entitles the rider to their first free service check up within the first 1000km and the second between 2000kms – 3000kms.

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